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Road to Fitness

To ensure that every member receives the knowledge they need to have a safe and effective workout, DFAC provides every new member with the following services:

Personal Fitness Evaluation

This evaluation will test you in a number of areas including your cardiovascular fitness level, body composition, upper body strength, and flexibility.

Cardio Orientation

Following their Personal Fitness Evaluation, new members will schedule a cardiovascular orientation. This comprehensive instruction will cover how to have an effective cardio-workout using all of the cardio-equipment.

Strength Training Orientation

Following their Cardio-Orientation, new members will schedule a strength training orientation. This session will teach you the basics of strength training. Proper form, weight, position, and repetitions are all recorded on your workout card.

90 Day Personal Fitness Evaluation

To help members stay motivated, you can be reevaluated in 90 days to see the gains in which you have made.

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