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Fit For Life

A lifetime wellness program for older adults designed to help achieve a more active and independent lifestyle!

Fit For Life!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Core Class.

Keiser Strength Training can be done before or after the above classes or on

alternate days.

 "Fit For Life" Program

Youth. It's that magical time of life when you have plenty of energy for work, play, and socializing. You feel strong and vibrant, like no challenge is too great. At Downtown Fitness and Aerobics, we may not have found the fountain of youth, but our Fit For Life program can help you recapture some of the energy and vitality that may have slipped away over the years.

Fit For Life is a specialized wellness program for older adults that focuses on strength, core conditioning, as well as flexibility and balance...all the things we seem to lose as we age.  There is an optional aerobics class right before the Fit For Life class meets, if you want to add a fun cardio component to your workout. Research shows that exercise is a key component in maintaining ones' health and independence in later years. Flexibility, balance and core training are essential aspects of that exercise program.

Fit For Life is designed as a fun way of exercising, and all fitness levels are welcome. The aerobic classes and the flexibility, balance and core classes combined with strength training are a fun way to stay "Fit For Life"! Anyone interested learning more about the program can contact the Senior Advisor at Downtown Fitness and Aerobics, or ask any staff member at DFAC.

Fit For Life-Road to Fitness

To ensure that every member receives the knowledge they need to have a safe and effective workout, DFAC provides every new Fit For LIfe member with the following services:

Personal Fitness Evaluation

This evaluation will test you in a number of areas including your blood pressure, cardiovascular fitness level, upper body strength, and flexibility.

Cardio Orientation

New Fit For Life members will have an orientation on the cardiovascular equipment. This comprehensive instruction will cover how to have an effective cardio workout using all of the cardio equipment.

Strength Training Orientation

Fit For Life members strength training orientations are given one on one with a trainer. This session will teach you the basics of strength training on the Keiser equipment. This circuit set of equipment uses air pressure instead of weight plates with weight changes done using your thumbs only! The trainers ensure you use proper form, weight, position and repetitions which are all recorded on your workout card.

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